Fire Department

Tamworth Station of the Stone Mills Volunteer Fire Department

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Here is a little bit of history on the Tamworth Fire Station
A Different Beginning by Stu Godkin

The sunshine of the day was losing ground to a growing cloud that drifted across the terrain on the westerly wind. The acrid taste of its’ content spilling over the picturesque village of Tamworth, gave warning to the citizens of the clouds origin, Relentless flames were in the process of consuming 300 acres of woodlands and fields where, in the Township of Sheffield, a fire department did not exist.

Mounting a combined effort the neighbouring communities eventually conquered the ravaging inferno. Among the tireless fire crews was the Shamrod Car Club from Tamworth, who provided a link of communications using their cars to deliver messages and other needed items. Flames again visited the Village in 1961 when the citizens watched as Moss’s Mill burned, unchecked, without benefit of afire department.

The Shamrod Car Club had seen enough. Backed by community support, the Car Club formed a fire department beginning with eight founding members, literally starting from scratch with no equipment, facilities or training and no funding from the Township Council of the day, Fire Chiefs such as Fred Thompson, Wayne McLean and others organized a very respectable volunteer fire department overcoming adversity and numerous obstacles. Obtaining equipment through fund raising events was often the order of the day. A street dance, bingo or euchre party usually precipitated new nozzles or hose. A local citizen provided a fire hall when the Township of the day would not, giving use of the property, not to the Township, but to the Firefighters Association.

Today, Under the guidance of current Chief, this very community minded group of volunteer firefighters continues to provide a much needed service that is a credit to the citizens of Tamworth and Sheffield Township, Working without benefit of being paid, they fight fires, perform rescues, assist ambulance officers and train continuously’ often giving up their holidays to attend courses. The current Township Council has obviously found merit in such a valuable group of Volunteers, moving them into their first new fire hall on Boxing Day of 1996 as a measure of appreciation from the community.

For a “once was Car Club” these truly Volunteer Firefighters have really made a difference. Keep well and stay safe.