L&A County Dark Sky Viewing Area
7980 County Road 41, Erinsville

Southern Ontario, the most populous part of Canada, is rapidly losing its dark skies. The glare of city lights makes it increasingly difficult to witness the unimpeded beauty of the night sky.

Luckily for stargazers, astrophotographers and astronomers, there is Lennox & Addington County.

Located just a few kilometres north of Erinsville near the Sheffield Conservation Area, the L&A County Dark Sky Viewing Area is the most southerly point in Ontario where the night sky is so pristine, offering a night sky experience very similar to what was available more than 100 years ago.

The site includes a large concrete pad for camera or telescope setup, or placement of lawn chairs for general stargazing. While the L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area is ideal for both professional and amateur astronomers and astrophotographers, it is designed for anyone wishing to observe the natural wonder of the stars.

The viewing area is open from dusk until dawn, and you need not make reservations – just come and enjoy. Enthusiasts from near and far are encouraged to bring along binoculars or a telescope and witness – perhaps for the first time – how the night sky is meant to be seen.

For more information, please visit www.DarkSkyViewing.com.

Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing