The Annual Tamworth Soap Box Derby is Back!

The Tamworth Canada Day Soap Box Derby will run again this year on Bridge St. West.
It is a fun filled afternoon of kids (and older ’kids’) in three age categories, where they run
their home built carts down a hill course to the finish line. Each contestant will get at least
two runs down the course in the competition, racing against another person in the same age category.
The three age categories are: 6 to 10 years; 11 to 15 years and 16 years and up.
The rules and specifications are quite simple, along with the safety factors that one must adhere to.
For example: Carts are to be 6 ft to 7 ft long, have 4 wheels (not exceeding 16 inches in height);
each wheel must be held in place with a nut or cotter pin; the axles cannot be more than 36 inches
in width; it must have steering that is limited to not more than 1 ½ inches travel in either direction,
and must have a brake to make the cart stop at the end of the course – once it passes the finish line.
If you don’t have a cart, we have a few spare carts that you may borrow for your race.

Other factors are: that your parent must sign the waiver on the entry registration form
(if you are under 18 years old), and you must wear a helmet (bicycle, hockey, skidoo, ATV helmets will do)
and you must wear closed toed shoes when racing the cart. The cart must be made of wood,
not steel or steel frame or have metal sheeting. All sharp edges must be ground smooth.
After the races and the awards are complete, you may have your cart in the Tamworth Canada Day parade!
Last year we had entries from Belleville, Wellington, Tweed, Newburgh, Erinsville, Marlbank, Yarker
and of course Tamworth. The number of cart and driver entries in 2019 almost doubled over the previous year.
Last year there were about 150 spectators and cheering families along the sidelines. It’s always good to have new
families come out to the festivities, and later on, to the fireworks! More description, registration form, contact info.,
rules and other finer points can be read on the Tamworth website under Events

This event was originally begun to get kids and their parents/guardians working together to build a soap box
race cart, to help build family and sibling relationships, and to race in an annual community event.
They can modify the cart each year and re-enter every year into this and other Soap Box races.
It is a family fun way to spend an afternoon on Canada Day!
Come out, bring a lawn chair and be part of the fun!!!


Soap Box 2019 2



Canada Day Soap Box Derby in Tamworth





Soap Box Derby pics from Canada Day